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Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech

YSL Museum Marrakech

While we were in Marrakech a few weeks ago we dropped into the newly opened YSL museum close to the centre of Marrakech to take a look around.  

YSL Museum Marrakech.JPG

Designed by Studio KO, the architects behind Cafe De La Post, Chiltern Firehouse and some extraordinarily beautiful villas the museum is a homage to Yves Saint Laurent and his long standing love of Marrakech. 

The entrance takes you into a stunning circular courtyard which forms centre of museum, redbrick, pink and grey terrazzos and textured concrete combine to create a fabulously rich yet muted palette.   

YSL Museum.JPG
YSL Museum.JPG

A vibrant green glazed tiled void space draws light into the central space with hanging plants giving energy and life to the heart of the building. 

YSL Museum.JPG

Huge brass and oak doors with stunning inlay detailing create the portals into the various spaces of the central hub, adding a refined glamorous and richness to the otherwise pared back interior.   

YSL Museum.JPG
YSL Museum.JPG

The experience is rounded off as you exit of the museum through a garden inspired by nearby Jardin Majorelle,  an impressive selection of Cacti of all sizes is set against textured earthy walls bathed in sunlight. 

Overall an absolutely stunning building , well worth a visit if you are in the city, just for the architecture alone!