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Is this the future of Co-Working?

A fairly recent addition to London's Co-Working scene, LABS is throwing a new dynamic into the mix by offering more than just somewhere to work. Their philosophy is about helping businesses grow through a platform they have created, encouraging networking and interaction within the LABS community.

Is this the future for the Co-Working space?

Well LABS investors are clearly confident, with three new sites opening in London in the next 12 months, increasing their portfolio to six in this city alone. And with talk of other locations throughout Europe we may be seeing a bit more of them. 

We dropped into LABS Hogarth in Holborn for a coffee to take a look. 

LABS Hogarth 1.JPG

At ground floor the central bar which also serves as a coffee shop for members and no-members is the main focus, there is a good range of casual seating and a few breakout areas. The main working and meeting spaces are spread over the other 6 floors, the design is not revolutionary but stands up against the current competition and is well considered with a good mixture of new and classic furniture.   

LABS Hogarth 2.JPG
LABS Hogarth 4.JPG

So would we sign up to work here? 

The space at LABS offers very much the same as some of it's CO-Working competitors in an sector with high benchmarks, so in that sense it doesn't stand out. What does stand out is the LABS community, the challenge of growing a business and making contacts is something that all new business owners will understand, if the LABS community really can help with this, it may prove to be it's defining point of difference in what is becoming a very competitive market. 

We would certainly add it to our shortlist.

LABS Hogarth 3.JPG